About Bibo Keeley


I create art against the backdrop of my life experiences and my feeling of being deeply connected with nature.

I respond to themes which resonate with me and which influence my view on the world, whether they affect me directly or indirectly.   This includes ecological concerns, feminist values, Brexit and healing.

I mainly work in sculpture, performance, photography and combinations of these.

Bibo Keeley – BA(Hons)  first class, Gray’s School of Art (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Radio Kultur Deutschland

“Radikal und aufrüttelnd” (radical and thought-provoking) – Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Corona weltweit: Schottland  Wenn der Einkauf ausfällt und Medikamente nicht ankommen (2020)

the scotsman art review
“Bibo Keeley’s work is more sombre, but also very impressive. Her main installation is in the lower galleries, but it is heralded upstairs by a set of seven sculptures like small totem poles, each topped with an ominous, black, semi-figurative shape. There is more blackness downstairs and a single finger post, rather in the manner of Ian Hamilton Finlay, pointing Eco one way and Ego the other, an eloquent summary of her concern with Brexit, climate chaos and alarming political polarisation. There is much more of course, but her work is typical of concerns that find expression in many different ways in this vivid show.” –
The Scotsman, Art review: RSA New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (2020)

the scotsman art review
…the best work makes a virtue of variety.  Bibo Keeley makes haunting sound works, grows plants in bottles and has made an impressive set of sculptures from a deconstructed piano…” – The Scotsman, Art review: Gray’s School of Art Aberdeen Degree Show 2019 (2019)

Aberdeen Voice art review
”breath-taking contemporary Scottish photography”
Aberdeen Voice (2017)

gww art review
“In terms of modern Scottish and British Feminist art, Keeley’s work builds upon a platform raised by eminent artists such as Jenny Saville, Kate Davis and Alison Watt.” 
The George Washington Wilson Centre for Visual Culture:  Bibo Keeley and the Inappropriate Art of Feminism (2015)

Scotland on Sunday art review
“unflinching photographs” 

“…a Viking ship made by Bibo. The ship looks as if it is bound for Valhalla, but the little box nestling in its hull contains – not ashes – but sand from their favourite shore. It’s a quiet, but potent reminder of what could have been; but wasn’t.” – Scotland On Sunday (2015)

Aberdeen Voice art review
optimistic, personal, educational and aesthetically wonderfulAberdeen Voice (2015)


C.O.N.T.A.C.T.  biboartwork (at) gmx (dot) de

Bibo Keeley art exhibition The Wind In My Soul

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