Public Sculpture proposal – shortlisted

Collaborative proposal for a public sculpture for the Keith town Mither Tongue Sculpture Project – shortlisted (March 2018).  The sculpture should celebrate the beauty and importance of the Scots language.  Public consultation day: 29 March 2018  Article below: Lifestyle Magazine (Moray, North East Scotland)

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Bibo Keeley feminist art Ceramic Sculpture
A Special Kind Of Strength ceramic, ca.80 x 60 x 25cm

This ceramic sculpture – exhibited during the 2016 International Women’s Day Conference at Aberdeen University – refers to our society’s expectations of women in respect of body-image and behaviour.

It has 10 inspriational (non-religious) ‘commandments’ for women impressed into it, with the emphasis on positivity and self-respect.

I created several ceramic casts from a plaster mould of my own torso. When this particular cast came out of the kiln, it had broken in half during the firing.
In Japan there is a tradition of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer, which values repairs as part of the history of an object.

By repairing the damage and highlighting the mend with gold paint, I too embrace the history of not only this sculpture, but also what it represents. I see it as a metaphor for the determination of women to overcome obstacles and oppression, to heal and to be proud of their accomplishments.


Photos: ‘A Special Kind Of Strength’ on display during the 2016 International Women’s Day Conference at Elphinstone Hall, Aberdeen University


North East Scotland College Aberdeen bans FREE AS A BIRD by Bibo Keeley 168
In this feminist artwork I used language to bring across a message about equality.

It created controversy and was banned from the end-of-year show by the art college in Aberdeen (Scotland) where I created it.

Please find out all about it HERE.


This video was inspired by the song ‘Litanei auf das Fest aller Seelen’ by Franz Schubert. The sculpture was made from driftwood and ceramic and worked into with pyrography and paint.

Sculpture and concept by Bibo Keeley
Video Edit by Brian Keeley
Sung by Bibo Keeley
Piano played by Tim Tricker

This is my translation into English of the verses which I sing in the video:

Rest in peace, all souls
who have suffered anxious torment,
who have fulfilled sweet dreams
who, weary with life yet hardly born,
have departed from this world:
all souls rest in peace!

And those who never smiled at the sun,
who kept vigil on thorns, beneath the moon,
one day to see God face to face
in pure heavenly light
all who have parted from here,
all souls rest in peace!


The video features my sculpture and an excerpt from the 2003 book Lauter Starke Mädchen (Strong Girls Galore) on how to raise self-confident girls by Sylvia Schneider.

This is the read text in English:
In every era there has evidently been one common ideal, a kind of collective beauty queen – above all in the minds of influential men.
This beauty ideal has always been determined by the same people: kings, others in power, churches, those with commercial interest and artists who were commissioned to create pictures.
Women themselves have rarely been asked their opinion.
This is still the case today – even if we think it isn’t because we believe that we have a free choice.
We too experience today’s beauty ideal through the eyes of others.
Women of past centuries have also conformed to the contemporary ideas whenever possible.
Be it the ideal of the Venus of Milo, the ample forms of baroque or any other style.
The statues and paintings were a kind of early fashion magazine as they gave the fashion ideals against which women were measured.
The beauty-conscious women after the height of the baroque period forced themselves into corsets again since there was no natural alternative for the new beauty ideal of the thin waist.
In the same way women today are expected to fast, jog and work out until they keel over and if necessary shove their finger down their throats as if this was a nature-given law.
Most models are unable to do their job without the assistance of certain ‘aids’. Plastic surgery, appetite suppressants, eating disorders, alcohol, a variety of drugs and substances become part of their daily life.
‘The entire industry is one big lie’ said 17 year old model Tina in an interview Stern magazine.
‘We take cocaine, speed, valium, appetite suppressants in order to stay thin and f*cking happy.’
Many models pay the price with addiction and life-long illnesses. Some of them have even paid with their lives.
And this is supposed to be an example for our daughters?


Bibo Weber 2012 Sculpture 'From Within' at Paisley PAI 124th Annual Exhibition - CopySculpture ‘From Within’ (2012, driftwood and pyrography, ca. 25x20cm) exhibited at Paisley Museum and Art Galleries during the 124th Annual Exhibition of the Paisley Art Institute
The meditation-like text is in German and talks about being connected to inner peace.


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