The Briggait, Glasgow (16 November 2018 – 25 January 2019)
supported by WASPS artist studios and a Hope Scott Trust award.

Solo exhibition of work which I created during and in response to my recent artist residency on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  Exploring places which are referred to in ancient local lore, and creating connections with my  own life, this work is about re-connecting with nature, healing and focusing on what is important in life.

Bibo Keeley art exhibition The Wind In My Soul



My artist residency in the Admiral’s House on the Isle of Skye took place in March/April 2018.

During this residency I had the opportunity  to visit remote places and interact with nature.  In response to local lore and the natural environment I sought to experience a conscious deep connection with Nature through creating personal, intuitive (but well planned) interactions, responding to ancient local lore (as collected by Otta F. Swire in her book ‘Skye: The Island and Its Legends’) and focusing on the present moment.  I consciously committed to slowing down.

I see this way of connecting with nature and re-connecting with myself in the context of my personal life-experiences, healing, and the need to rethink our human relationship with the planet and its living beings, especially in these times of overwhelming global changes (pollution and climate change)  caused by human hand.

My interactions with Skye encompassed looking at and listening to nature for extended periods of time through a device which I had specially created for this purpose, responding through improvised singing (both to animals and places) and performing a ritual at a healing well.

PHOTOS OF THE EXHIBITION BIBO KEELEY artist Scotland (1)BIBO KEELEY artist Scotland (2)BIBO KEELEY artist Scotland (3)bibo keeley artist performance art singing at briggait exhibition wasps glasgowexhibition opening scotlandexhibition opening

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