As an artist I work in a variety of media, but it was photography which helped me cope with my intense experiences of facing the fragility of human life.   Through my work I contemplate the human existence in the context of life experiences and my feeling of being deeply connected with nature.


Scottish Portrait Awards
finalist 2019, 2018, 2017

Bibo Keeley Brian Keeley - Scottish Portrait Awards - Heart Transplantee With PoodleBibo Keeley Brian Keeley - Scottish Portrait Awards - Cardiac Portrait Of BrianBIbo Keeley Scottish Portrait Awards - Aleks

2017 – ‘Hert Transplantee with Poodle’
2018 –  ‘Cardiac Portrait of Brian’, and
2019 – ‘Aleks’

Other portrait examples outwith the SPA

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Exploring ways of  photographing memories of war, with Sheila Johnson.
Photos selected for GALLERY OF MEMORIES of Aberdeen Art Gallery/Remembrance Hall/Cowdry Hall


Bibo Keeley photography, performance, feminist art 1

A participatory creative event which began with a single photograph.  Click link above.


North East Scotland College Aberdeen bans FREE AS A BIRD by Bibo Keeley 168

Feminist photography project highlighting gender inequality.
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2013/2015 –

bibo keeley heart transplant photographyComprehensive and intimate photographic documentation of a patient’s recovery from a heart transplant.  The Shared Heart was a two-artist exhibition with Brian Keeley. It was officially visited by HRH the Prince of Wales as part of his visit to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank in 2015.  In 2017 part of the same exhibition was on show at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  When the Queen visited the ARI, she was welcomed by the officials in front of our artwork in the foyer of The Matthew Hay Building.
(Photos below provided)


2019 Brexit

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I am the conceptual creator of these photographs as I am the director and the subject of the imagery.  The resulting photograph is not just a documentation but an integral part of the performance action.

2018/2019 The Wind In My Soul

This performance-based work evolved around the thought of re-connecting with nature with references to local lore, a healing well and taking a lot of time to look at, listen to and respond to the natural environment.


This continuing body of work reflects on our relationship with the non-human natural world.

2020 Plastic Pollution

2019 Street Level Photoworks – Futureproof
invited contributing artist

2018, 2017 Mother Ocean – solo exhibition

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Hosted by Climate Week North East
The artist witnesses disrupted eco-systems around Scotland’s  coastline.
(Photography, video performance art, installation)

supported by Gallery Seventeen/ Aberdeen City Council
Photographs documenting negative consequences on Scotland’s coastline of living in a wasteful culture based on materialism.
Aberdeen Voice: A new exhibition of breath-taking contemporary Scottish photography

4. Other

2017 Der Hinterbliebene (The One Who Remains)


2016 DEVELOP NORTH PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL ABERDEEN – selected contributing artist

Bibo Keeley DEVELOP NORTH photography festival


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